Though not with everyone, it is the case with many people; addressing public can be a very heart pumping situation. Stage fear is one of the grounds why people pace back from speaking in a public interview. Being behind the scenes won’t always help you, neither will be seated like the audience help you, you need to get in front of everyone and talk if you want to be a skillful talker. It requires a great deal of exertion to develop that courage in ourselves. It can take years of practice and effort to overcome the stage fear and gain that confidence. There is a chance in everyone’s life when we will be required to address many people in front of us. So here I mention some basic rules that you must keep in mind to become an affluent speaker.

Firstly, prepare a proper speech, it should concern only the required topic. Don’t include unnecessary details in your speech or else your speech will turn out a boring one. Address audience with a proper tone and proper material or the audience might lose their concentration. Art of speaking reached high standards when your speech can keep the audience tune in to your voice for several minutes. Secondly, if you are preparing for a previously decided speech and not something on the spot, speak in front of the mirror and notice yourself, what’s wrong with it and correct. Portray yourself the way you will like to see someone else; definite posture, good mannerisms are a positive sign. When you practice enough, you will become efficient to address audience which may include with any on the spot topic as well.

Thirdly, have eye contact with your audience. Losing eye contact is a sign of negative effect and fear. Walk a few steps while speaking and move your hands in a manner that you are portraying something, these body movements will make you feel good. If you forget any line of your speech, never stammer, instead insert any supporting line using your common sense and carry on with your speech. Keep a few short pauses in between your speech, pause should be natural enough. Pauses allow the audience to understand and reflect the things they have just heard from you. Keep in mind not to insert too many pauses, as it can be a negative sign and spoil your speech.

Finally, be prepared for any failure when there are audio and visual devices also involved in your presentation. In the worst case, you shouldn’t go completely out of track; you must have the courage to manage the risk situation as it will leave a great impact on your audience. Lastly, keep track of how much you speak. Speaking too much can be a drawback and speaking too less can be a drawback too. Speak as per the time limit delivering maximum information that is apt for the type of audience present. Learning to decide a proper topic and then researching and writing on it, relaxing yourself for the speech are a few practices that you must regularly do to in order to become a good speaker.

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