To state the fact in a simple way, return of assets means the earnings got from a company due to its assets. Usually, such measurements will be used for comparing two companies that are involved in the same business. Each company will have its limitations and advantages. Usually, lower margin businesses will have a low ratio and the business such as software will make more ratios.

Certain businesses will need only low return of asset ratio though their working capital will be high which will be handy for investors as it will give them a better idea of investing in the company. Normally, the value of the asset will also be included in the calculation but in certain cases they may not be tallied with the market value, hence it is important to make sure about the value for investors.

This type of comparisons shall be done only in the companies that belong to the same industry. In cases where the companies from different industries have to be compared, it will be good to use the other ratios as they will give better results. Usually, an investor will be taking decisions about investing in a company with the help of the return on capital or return on equity. High returns due to the return on equity will not be ignored for a long time, but the case will be vice versa in the case of return on assets. Though there will be higher return of assets, they will not be valued more.

There can be many stock values that will be changed according to their returns. A high return on its asset will not guarantee its quality; still there are certain cases in which the return of asset value will be more for smaller businesses when compared to the return of equity value. Even in certain cases the return of asset value will help in getting the debt problems cleared. Though this value cannot be relied completely in making a decision, it will be better to make sure that whether the decision made is right or not.

The return of the asset will be acting as a puzzle in many cases. These values will not be constant, and they will be changing according to time. It will be good to know the value of assets, as it will help in knowing the whole value of the company in a better and right way. There are some cases in which the value of assets that was 50% in a particular year increased by leaps and bounds to reach a higher value within a short span of time. There are also some situations where there will be some companies that will be having its value unchanged for many years and they will change with a single investment that is made by an investor and it could be a drastic change in many cases. Hence, it will be better to keep track of the values now and then.

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